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Successful Cases

Rescued an Abducted Child across Provinces in 20 Hours

In January 26, 2016, during Spring Festival, a 3-year-old child was abducted by a stranger in the city of Shenzhen in south China. 

The local police station equipped with Intellifusion's AI system used its facial recognition technology to recognize the suspect after a two-second search of live video captured on thousands of security cameras. Thanks to Intellifusion's DeepEye System, police officers quickly identified the suspect in 2 hours and located her after 4 hours. Finally, the suspect was captured on Wuchang (in Hubei province) train staition and retrieved the lost child.

The cross-city child rescue case only took 20 hours with the help of Intellifusion's AI-powered technologies, which was widely recognized by society and reported by major media in China.

Jaywalking Regulation System for Shenzhen Traffic Police

In March 2018, jaywalking regulation system deployed by Shenzhen traffic police has been running for over one year, which was widely reported by more than 200 media.  The related news reports reaches more than 100 million viewers on Sina weibo, the cumulative amount of reading  exceeds over 500 million, triggering national discussion and network hot discussion. It has attracted the attention of the People's Daily with special article to support the new technology.

The technology company behind it -- intellifusion --has been covered in depth by many media. Since July 2017, Intellifusion has been working with the Shenzhen traffic police to deploy the Jaywalking Regulation System based on face recognition at several crossroads, which is beneficial to the solution of the social problem. After 4 months of  the systeminstallation in Lianhua intersection in Shenzhen, the  jaywalking cases has dropped from 1000+ times / day down to 80+ / day.

Face Recognition System for Intelligent Customs Escorts HK-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge

The face recognition system of the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge is provided by intellifusion,which provides the functions of non-perceptive detection capture,  recognition and comparison in second, abnormal real-time alarm, and so on.  Combined with altra-red, RFID sensing capabilities, the system can verify non-cooperative human-car information  in second and locate passengers  with abnormal temperature rapidly without perception, greatly speeding up customs clearance and ensure the safety of entry and exit point.

In the future, with more and more deployement of the intelligent front-end equipments for the Hong Kong Zhuhai Macao Bridge, more people and car information will fuse with information system of traffic police, public security and gateway, the system will play a greater role in improving the  road capacity, optimizing customs clearance process, warning illegal driving, identifying the fake-plate car, monitoring the suspect, fast positioning high-risk personnel and so on.